Artist / Celebrity Security

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Tomorrow’s event is going to be the talk of the town.

Devoted fanatics are going to get wild and crazy about your influential personality. Your fabulous outfit and stunning makeup are already set to surprise your spectators and audiences. You have seriously prepared yourself for this very special occasion.

Celebrity Protection Services

You have endured sleepless nights and exhausting rehearsals to perfect your signature moves and explosive surprises. Viral videos are going to spread anywhere in the world. Everything is all set for your grand publicity. You are worthy to be admired and followed on social media networks. You deserve a company that will give full support for your safe appearance.

Celebrity Security Services

Your safety is guaranteed wherever you go. The company assures tight security that will provide you and your family peace of mind and uninterrupted travel to destinations where personal or work responsibilities take you. We also provide incredible vehicles you can use for safe and quick trips. We do have luxurious limousines, fashionable vans, armored cars and well maintained SUV’s that you can use for your epic tours and numerous events.
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Armed and Unarmed Protection

Our Celebrity & Artist Security Services Miami are comprised of the finest armed and unarmed Personal Protection male and female Specialists with years of experience and training.

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Bodyguards with Backgrounds

Many of our Miami Celebrity Bodyguards are former Dignitary Protection Agents with the Secret Service and the United States Department of State. Some are former Bodyguards for the Director of the CIA. We are also fortunate to offer our clients former and off-duty law enforcement officers and agents.

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Male and Female Security?

Our male and female Celebrity Bodyguards have accompanied our Celebrity clients on their concert tours around the world without a single mishap. Several of our Celebrity Bodyguards were lead Bodyguards who conducted advance surveys and logistics on numerous international tours. From the inception of a concert tour, they researched and mapped all pertinent logistics.

For Your Safety and Security, We Will

Do You Prefer Your Celebrity Bodyguard Close To You? 

Many of our clients prefer an unobtrusive security detail that is close enough but yet appear to fade in the background. However, those clients can rest assured our eyes are always roaming 360 degrees, and the client will remain safe at all times.

For clients that prefer the Bodyguard to be close by, especially if they are accustomed to allowing the paparazzi to come in close to take photos or to sign autographs we will make sure (in a very civil manner) that neither crosses the line of common courtesy.