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Soflo Special Effects

  • It is your special day, and it should be best captured and accentuated by the most sophisticated special effects.
  • You should only dare hire a special effects company that can conceptualize your imaginations and create the most amazing, awe-inspiring fireworks and laser lights.
  • Let Soflo Special Effects handle it – huge or small, private or public, corporate or government event; we’ve got the largest, most recent Special FX equipment.
  • We’re conveniently located in the heart of South Florida and boast of unrivaled level of excellence.

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Professional and Unique Special Effects in South Florida – Soflo Main Events

Make your event special, unique and one to remember with Soflo Main Events. Ours is to surprise and delight your guests using heart stopping special effects and we never fail. Because of our lengthy spell, a proven record and customer-centered approach, let us handle your event as well.

We are a full service events company ready to turn an otherwise ordinary event to an extra-ordinary one. Throughout our existence, we’ve been a customer-centric company that fuses our expertise with customer specs to deliver the best effects. Moreover, all our technicians regularly undergo thorough, rigorous training that pertains use of the latest equipment and fresh trends in Special Effects.

Our pride is making your event a grand, ‘talk of the town’ event that will for longer define how others define theirs. We not only fulfill that thanks to our rich list of creative minds, but also an exciting and updated array of special effects equipment.


  • Laser Lights
  • Custom Gobos
  • Fire canon blaster
  • Led geyser Fog Blasters
  • Low Smoke Fog Machine
  • Fog Machine
  • Led lighting software controlled light show Show Express.
  • Led cyro2 blasters
  • Confetti cannons
  • Bubble machines


Make It A Night To Remember Using Someone Capable Of Doing That!

No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with Soflo Special Effects. If you would love to leave a lasting impression filled with glamor and amazements, trust our expert technicians. For Flame Machines, Geyser Smoke Jets, Snow Machines, Bubble Machines, CO2 Jets and a lot more, get in touch.