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If you’re planning a conference or event in Florida, it’s important to hire the right sound engineers for the job. At SOFLO Main Event Productions, we help elevate your event to the next level by ensuring the general session room and breakout room environments have the proper audio system setup. This includes placement, tuning, operation, and strike. Make sure your event attendees can clearly hear the important message your event is conveying by ensuring you have a quality sound system and experienced audio engineers facilitating the event. SOFLO Main Event Productions will make this happen, making sure no detail is overlooked. Talk to us today about how our sound engineers can help with your audio production needs.
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Maximize your space's acoustic potential with specialized audio perfecting techniques and top tier programming support

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Intuitive, easy to use touchscreen controls simplify complex integrated A/V function so you get exactly what you want from your system

Our experienced audio engineers will ensure your speakers and audio materials are heard with clarity. Through careful sound balancing and adjustments, the dynamic and audio effects will be effective and bold. We can also help capture and record live speaker sessions and music.

If you need a sound engineer in Florida, talk to the experienced and professional team at SOFLO Main Event Productions. We have the equipment and expertise to ensure your event goes according to plan. Explore the additional services we have to offer below or contact us to learn more.

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Our mission is to provide personal, customized solutions for live performances, including in-ear monitor kits, microphones and an array of other products offered by the world’s leading manufacturers, including Shure and Sennheiser.

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One key factor shared by all the engineers who work for us is that they are themselves musicians: as well as knowing how to manage gain structure, dynamics and frequency content, they understand musical arrangement, production and balance. Familiar with all the ‘nuts & bolts’ of a PA system (from controller settings, connections and loudspeaker positioning to microphone selection and placement), they can combine their technical ability with their shared love of music to create a good mix and get it across in every kind of environment.

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Our sound-engineering crew have worked from front-of-house and side-of-stage in small venues and large, indoors and outdoors, with a wide range of performers and styles. They have worked on every kind of PA system from compact powered speaker to concert line-array, on every kind of desk from mini notepad to large-frame digital console. They have mixed everything from solo a cappella to thrash metal, from Chilean flutes and African drums to synthesizers and vocoders. If you can provide the music, we can provide someone who knows how to mix it.